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108 min - (11 December 2000)

The story of two outcast sisters, Ginger and Brigitte, in the mindless suburban town of Bailey Downs. On the night of Ginger's first period, she is savagely attacked by a wild creature. Ginger's wounds miraculously heal but something is not quite right. Now Brigitte must save her sister and save herself.

Director:  John Fawcett
Writers:  Karen Walton

About Ginger Snaps Movie

Country:   Canada,   United States of America
Runtime:  1 h 48 min
Language:  English
Release Date:  11 December 2000
Production Companies:  Copperheart Entertainment, Motion International, Téléfilm Canada, The Movie Network, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC), Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit (OFTTC), TVA International

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